Feedback – Testimonials


Name: Rick

Message: This morning was my first time to use Clipper City. Hamid gave me the best cut I think I've ever had. He took his time and didn't rush through like those low cost hair cutting factories. The prices are comparable to those other places, but the quality is MUCH better. I'm glad I found you guys.



Name: Christian Jackson

Message: My son and i go there every 2 weeks and hamid and the rest of the staff 

is by far the best in nashville. period


Name: Benny Clark

Message: I really appreciate the atmosphere and hospitality of this barbershop. I feel very comfortable, and I am satisfied with all my haircuts and am glad that my barbers (especially Kenny) listen to the details of how I like my hair cut. Thank you for providing the community with such great service.


Name: Jeff

Message: I've been going to the same stylist for the last six years, and recently…wanted a change. With Clipper City Barbers just minutes from my house, it was time to give them a try. I've been going to Clipper City Barbers for over two months now, and question why I didn't try them out sooner.

They offer an excellent/modern atmosphere (TV, movies, music), provide you with an excellent cut at an affordable rate, and most important…all the barbers are a class act. I highly recommend Clipper City Barbers!!!


Name: Demitri and DJ

Message: Can't give enough positive feedback in regards to my extended family at Clipper City. I've was fortunate enough to be able to witness the true character of those at Clipper City when I walked in and was invited by Lewis to join in on prayer before they began their business day.  I appreciate that not to mention the environment.  Whether it's my wife, son, or grandmother I feel comfortable in bringing in anyone and knowing nothing inappropriate is going to be discussed or on tv. I also love the fact that my barber, Romel sends me reminders for my appointments the day before and if I can't make it he's more than willing to work with my schedule.  I truly do feel that when I'm at Clipper City, "Its all about ME".  See ya on Tuesday Ro.


Name: Tammi Boyd Brown

Message: I want to thank you Mr. Lenny for the patience you have with my 2 year old son Boyd. The service you all provide is wonderful. I am always extremely pleased with the outcome of the haircut being that he won't stay still. Smile..

Thank you all!



Name: Kurt Wilkerson

Message: I have lived in the Nashville area for 2 years and it took me a year and a half to find the best haircut in Nashville at Clipper City, Romel always does a great job with a constant upbeat attitude! As long as I live in the Nashville area I will always go to Clipper City!


Name: Jeff McGruder

Message: The professionals at clipper city do a great job of communicating with their clients. I love being able to set an appointment, and keep that time once I walk on the shop. They make you feel comfortable and relaxed while they complete their craft. I especially love the flat screen TV's and the newspapers being accessible to all clients

Keep up the quality service and your numbers will continue to increase. Remember it is quality not quantity that makes a sound business endure the test of time.


Name: Duane

Message: Having moved here from Northern Indiana, one of the first things I wanted to find was someone to cut my hair. Surprized was I, when I found Clipper City. Not only did I get a great cut, I felt that I was part of a place that I remember going to as a child in the 50's. Talk between the barber and the customer has all but disappeared these days, but not the case at Clipper City. I so greatly appreciate the banner between all of us. For a great cut, talk, and just a place to relax from this hectic world, I greatly recommend CLIPPER CITY, and having Lenny do the work.


Name: Lorne Johnson

Message: I love the experience of getting my haircut at Clipper City. The appointment setting process is very user friendly. My barber is Romel and the quality of my cut is 2nd to none each and every time. The establishment is always clean and the staff very professional. If you are reading this and wondering, wonder no more !! It's THE place to receive a great haircut, and the TV's provided are a nice provision as well. I have never felt as relaxed at a barber shop as I do when at Clipper City.


Name: Kishanna Hawthorne

Message: I take my son Xavier  AKA "Xay" in weekly to receive haircuts and we are in and out almost always 30 mins. The atmosphere is one in which people off all ages and cultures could come in and be treated equal. We love the barbers at Clipper City and I highly recommend them to others and I always promote their work. Once you try them, you will have a home barbershop for life.